• Outright for expense tracking; it’s like Mint for small business with quarterly reporting and tax-time reminders. For a more in-depth online system check out Xero)
  • Shoeboxed is an essential tool for saving receipts online so you don’t have to keep shoeboxes stacked up at home. Snap a quick photo with your phone or mail them in each month.
  • TaxReceipts provides awesome reminders and need-to-know tips each tax period.
  • Freshbooks helps small business-owners invoice, track time and manage expenses.
  • Ignorance is not bliss: the top 5 things every entrepreneur needs to know when starting out — key tips and tools from Kyle Durand, an entrepreneur with a law and accounting background, including the spreadsheet I used to track VA-related tasks.


  • 4-Step Budget Template — Most budgets are too cumbersome to be useful. After filling in income, must-have expenses & nice-to-have expenses, you’ll get a “monthly allowance” figure. You can also copy the first tab to make a second sheet for your business.
  • Financial Modeling Template: Get a bird’s-eye view of your business model, and track your business income and expenses with this template. This more robust template helps you assess baseline expenses for living and for running your own business. It also includes simple financial modeling tables to map out potential income sources, such as the number of clients needed at specific rates.
  • Test Your Side Business Ideas: Side businesses are great experiments: you have a hypothesis about something that interests you that could make money, and now it is time to test your theory.