Email Management

  • I’ve compiled the best of the best in my Inbox Zero Toolkit—your one-stop-shop of 50+ of the best tools, techniques and systems I’ve collected to take email from all-consuming to a sense of freedom and ease. The toolkit includes a 10-day email series and lifetime access to an ever-growing set of tools and shortcuts. You are destined for greater things—the Inbox Zero Toolkit will help you spend fewer hours in front of your inbox and more time on the stuff that really matters!
  • Mailstrom and help de-clutter your inbox. Mailstrom provides tools for bulk processing in minutes; works with gmail by showing you a list of ALL lists you are subscribed to and allows you to mass unsubscribe (yay!)
  • SaneBox is a great tool that summarizes and filters non-important email, such as newsletters for reading quickly at a glance. Also check out NutshellMail, a service that sends a daily (or at a frequency you suggest) digest of all social media activity.
  • The Email Game is a fun way to make processing email fun and efficient.
  • Gmail’s Priority Inbox feature – use this in conjunction with Gmail’s superstars feature, with different stars denoting different types of email and priority. For example: I use a yellow star for important emails that I want to get to that day or week, exclamation emails to mark highly important, time sensitive or overdue for a reply, then I use the blue stars for emails that involve scheduling.
  • Boomerang for Gmail and – Boomerang is a must-have tool that can delay send on outgoing emails; that and allow you to set emails to leave your inbox and come back at a future date. This feature is great for following-up with people, or getting a long-term email to do out of your way.
  • Rapportive for Gmail – social spying at it’s finest! Rapportive shows someone’s latest updates on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to the righthand side of a message they’ve sent. It also helps you make sure you’re connected with the people you want to be, and shows a photo of the person you are corresponding with.
  • WiseStamp is a fun tool for creating fancy signatures.