Professional Background

Coaching Background / Certifications:

Yoga Teaching Certifications:

  • I completed yoga teacher training in October 2010 through the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, and completed my certification in February 2012.
  • I completed Thai Yoga Massage training at The Sunshine School in Chiang Mai, Thailand in May 2012

For the personality test enthusiasts:

  • My StrengthsFinder strengths are Relator, Strategic, Learner, Achiever, Activator
  • I’m a Myers Briggs ENFJ, a True Colors blue/orange, and an enneagram 3 – Achiever
  • I’m a Libra (laid-back, fair and balanced) with Virgo rising (structure, systems and service) and a Scorpio moon (intense, loves research, more than meets the eye)
  • I’m the year of the pig, and my numerology “life path” is a 4 – a doer who thrives on structure, organization and getting things done.
  • My love language for giving is acts of service: I thrive when helping others. Because of this, my challenge is making sure I maintain my own center—a balancing act that I learn from daily.
  • My love language for receiving just so happens to be written affirmation, which means you should feel free to drop me a line any time 
“Jenny is a brilliant leader and an incredible soul with an undying faith in people. Outside of being a trusted friend and inspiring peer for years, Jenny helped me completely realign my business during tough times in 2012. Her guidance helped me return to my core values and resurrected my entire operation.”
— Dave Ursillo, Writer, Author and Founder of