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Have you ever landed on a website and wondered what was behind the glossy overcoat? What nuts and bolts actually keep the big machine running? What tips and travails lie behind the curtain?

Your newsletters are better than most blog posts. One of my favorite things to read.”
— Sarah K. Peck

My aim (and my joy) is to give you a backstage pass—to give you an honest look at the good, the bad and the ugly in life and work. Whether it’s an update about transitions, travel nuances, creative challenges, yoga wisdom, writer’s block, or the tools I use to build my business and keep my life organized, you can trust that you’re getting the very most helpful stuff I have to give.

#PivotList is my curated weekly round-up of the best of the web: what I’m reading, watching, listening to, and awesome new tools that you’ve gotta know about.

I was recently cleaning out and purging all of my email subscriptions, but your updates are one of the rare few to stay. I admit, I don’t read every one, but I still don’t want to unsubscribe. Your candor is refreshing, and your app recommendations make me feel like a BOSS. Thank you!”
— Alex Miles Younger


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Click the image to check out the #PIVOTList archives and subscribe

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Your time and inbox are hot precious commodities and I would like to keep them that way! I won’t spam you (nor do I have the time to) or be overly salesy (we all know the type).

AND, #PivotList is not a one way street! I will ask for your help, feedback and ideas from time to time, and I would love for you to introduce yourself and let me know how I can be most helpful to you as well!

I look forward to getting to know you better!