I have known Jenny for many years, since back in her Google days when she was rocking the corporate coaching arena and writing her blog as a side hustle. Watching the amazing growth in her business makes me so happy, but I am not surprised. Jenny blends the very best of absolute integrity, unbridled joy, intelligence and heart in everything she does.”
— Pamela Slim, Business Coach and Author, Escape from Cubicle Nation
Jenny is one of those awe-inducing women who not only manages to inspire you with her accomplishments (like her business! and her book! and her hot yoga bod!), but also makes you believe you can do it too. She’s whip smart, full of authentic warmth and an incredibly talented teacher, mentor and coach. I’m grateful she’s in my life.
— Molly Mahar, Founder of Stratejoy
Jenny has a sense of peace and ease about her that allows her to really listen and hear both what is said and what isn’t said. This combination is extremely critical when you’re seeking a sounding board, an insightful perspective, and advice that is spot-on and illuminates the blind spots you can’t see, but need to!
— Jacquette M. Timmons, financial coach + strategist, author of Financial Intimacy
Jenny is a rare mix of vision and practicality. She takes the overwhelm out of life and has helped me see how to run my business in a way that works for me, and where I still feel inspired by it. She gets the ‘balance’ myth and puts ease, fun, and productivity at the center of everything she does.
— Ishita Gupta, Founder Fear.less Magazine