Welcome NYT Workologist Readers! + PIVOT Pre-Order Bonus Bundle

This is a very exciting weekend . . . PIVOT and I are featured in The New York Times' Workologist column!! Climbing Down the Corporate Ladder Without Alarming Your Boss, by Rob Walker. The timing is fitting since this month also marks my five year anniversary of leaving Google to take my own business full-time, a few years after I realized I had no aspirations of continuing to climb the corporate ladder to ascend to the top ranks of management someday.

When the Grass Really Is Greener

No matter how far away the five-years-in-business milestone felt at times, it has also always served as a beacon: if I can make it to five years, I can really do this. And no matter how low my bank account balance got at times, I have never for even one second had regrets about leaving (though many have asked over the years), even though I loved my time at Google.

As I write in a section of the book called Pivot Paradox: When the Grass Really is Greener:

"Sure, I face challenges, but I am sitting on the right plot of land, and will continue improving my grass-growing abilities over time. While your day-to-day experiences might vary, it is important to listen when your gut is telling you that there is a greener plot of grass that is a better fit than where you are now. Ultimately, you will not know until you gather more real-world data; don't just spin out on speculation."

For new readers: Favorite Posts & Pivot Podcasts

Here are some posts from the archives that related to the column:

Download a Sample Chapter: High Net Growth

Take a sneak peek at one of my favorite chapters on what it means to be High Net Growth (right-click to download).

I give an overview of career operating modes, how to assess your risk threshold, and share my pivot story of leaving Google, then resuscitating my business when I almost "blew up" two years later.

Here are some shots of me recording the audio book earlier this month:

Jenny Blake — Author of Pivot — Audiobook Recording
Jenny Blake — Author of Pivot — Audiobook Recording
Jenny Blake — Author of Pivot — Audiobook Recording
Jenny Blake — Author of Pivot — Audiobook Recording

PIVOT Pre-Order Bundle ($500+ Value)

Pre-order the book (instructions here) before September 6, and get these goods:

PIVOT by Jenny Blake - Book Cover
PIVOT by Jenny Blake - Book Cover
  • Signed Bookplate: a sticker that goes on the inside of the book. For you and a friend if you'd like to gift a copy! Offer good until midnight September 6 (launch day); for U.S. residents only.
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  • Pivot Playlist on Spotify: Favorite songs I jammed to while going through my last pivot and writing the book; many of the lyrics fit themes in the book too :)
  • My 20+ Page Behind the Book Toolkit: every tool, template and system I used at each stage of the book writing process: proposal, outline, writing, editing, and marketing.

Check Your Sunday Paper (or go on a Starbucks Run!)

Keep an eye out for the article in the Business section of tomorrow's edition (7/24/16) of The New York Times! As a 15+ year subscriber of the actual inky version, this completely melts my newspaper-loving heart. <3

Thank you all for reading and welcome to those who are new—I am beyond grateful for all your support!