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Fitbit - 7 Day Clutter Cleanse I'm thrilled to kick-off Fitbit's Spring Clean series with my 7-Day Clutter Cleanse Part 1 and Part 2. I'll walk you through a digital, mental, and environmental detox for everything from your desktop to your fridge to your "floordrobe." An excerpt:

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." —Leonardo DaVinci

Vortex begone, Spring has sprung! But the remnants of Winter’s hoarding and hibernation may have accumulated beyond your waistline—in sneaky crevices around your house, closet, computer, and email inbox. As many will surely be jumping on the juicing bandwagon to get beach-ready (kale on kale, anyone?), now is a great time to clear any Winter clutter that accumulated over the last few months.

By definition, clutter is "a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass” or “things lying in heaps or confusion," originally derived from the word litter. And who wants litter clogging up their life?

(Mood) Death by 1,000 Cuts

If you’re anything like me, by no means is your clutter so bad you can’t see the floor—it’s more like little nagging piles that grow so subtly you hardly notice they are there. That stack of papers on your desk, the unattended to pile of clothes to be properly put away, and that back corner of your refrigerator with food you’ll probably never touch.

Not everyone is ready for a full-on Spring Clean — instead, warm-up with this 7-day Clutter Cleanse instead. Your assignment, should you choose to take it: remove or streamline one clutter source each day. Follow this daily regimen as your guide, or for the bravest among you: rip the bandaid off and dedicate an entire day to overhauling your physical, digital and mental environments."

Head over to Fitbit to check out the rest of Part 1! (Then continue to Part 2)

Fitbit readers who are new to JennyBlake.me:

Welcome! I’m an author, speaker, career coach and business strategist living in New York City (when not out of a suitcase), and I love helping smart people organize their brain. I’m also fascinated by strategies for navigating change in our rapidly-evolving knowledge economy.

My personal motto is "build first, courage second" — I'm an advocate for ditching the "cult of optimism" and embracing uncertainty, insecurity and even neurosis — we are all flawed humans with hopes and dreams and fears — why pretend otherwise?!

Roadmaps on Business, Change & Creativity

Here are some roadmaps I've put together to walk you through some of the topics I'm most passionate about, facilitated by Wayfinder, a snazzy new Brooklyn-based start-up that my good friend Allie recommended.

Podcast: How to Pivot to Find Your Ideal Career

You might also enjoy this podcast with Valerie Groth in which I cover solopreneurship, creativity, self-care, fear, meditation, navigating change, and strategies for how to pivot to get where you want to go.

Introducing Lucent Meditation App: Coming Soon!

Lucent TimerDuring the podcast I mentioned something I've been keeping close to the vest . . . until now! I'm building an app called Lucent with two partners (and a brilliant team), for people who are "meditation-curious."

Lucent is a modern take on a timeless practice. Backed by scientific research, Lucent will help you achieve greater focus and clarity through a five-minute morning meditation ritual, with optional group-sharing for added accountability.

We're still hard at work building behind-the-scenes, but we would love to have you to join our early pilot group when we beta launch in April/May!