Weekend Coffee Talk: Mind, Body, Books & Business (#2)

Watch out, I'm on a roll! Time for Coffee Talk #2 - we'll see how long this frequency lasts :)

First, a mini-vent on the Gmail Promotions Tab Panic . . .

Has anyone else gotten 10,000 emails about the Promotions tab and why you should "drag my emails into the Primary folder"?! I even got one from the Shambhala Meditation Institute! I get it — savvy internet marketers (an icky term but the best fit for now) want to make sure you don't miss their best stuff. But you know what? After the first FIVE of those emails came in, I got the point: be aware of the new system, and learn how to re-organize if you so choose.

DJ Waldow wrote a great post for Entrepreneur about how to look at the backend metrics in No, Gmail's Promotions Tab Didn't Just Kill Email Marketing. My favorite line: "Don't panic. Take a deep breath. Chug some water. Walk around the block." Haha, my thoughts exactly.

This is where I get really stubborn about not blindly following what everyone else is doing online. Am I crazy if I tell you I LIKE the idea of this new tab?! I don't love the label they chose (as I think Promotions is a bit narrow) but I appreciate the broader purpose.

After all, isn't this blog post (or my email newsletter) some form of promotion? I am not your mom, your dad, your grandma, or your best friend. In all likelihood, I'm still working my way up your digital trust foodchain.

On that note, I trust *YOU* to put my emails wherever they annoy you least! If they are not interesting enough to read and you'd rather filter them out of sight forever or unsubscribe, feel free! The people who I want reading are the ones who will find my stuff and enjoy it no matter what tab it gets sent to.

WHEW! End rant. I'd love to hear what you think in the comments about all this commotion. Now onward to our weekend round-up!



"SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Grain eating may be hazardous to your health—dangerous to you and others around you, and will likely result in a slow, agonizing death—and there is loose evidence to suggest that that is not the worst, but that when you wake up on the other side, Satan himself will take you by the hand and personally escort you to the farthest back corner of hell."

HAH! Love a writer that doesn't take himself too seriously.



Just for Fun

With 43 million views and counting, I might be the only one who hasn't seen this, but DAMN! Girl's got talent — ten year old England native Sophia Grace Brownlee channels Nicky Minaj (don't miss the chorus at 0:45). Thanks to a feature on Ellen, she also recently landed a major movie role.

[youtube id="C7hTAp6KrGY"]
Last but not least: I'm so obsessed with this song I had to share it here . . . give it a listen and just see if it doesn't start your weekend off on the right foot! Jubel (by Klingade):

[youtube id="XYmLhn3qJ6Y"]

That's it for now . . . have an amazing weekend, everyone!