Patience Grasshopper

There's a saying in yoga that "the pose begins when you want to leave it." Have you ever felt your impatience well up during a particularly challenging pose, or right in the middle of your yoga class? I know I've been guilty of wiggling out of poses early when my patience got the best of me, or even checking the clock every few minutes to see how much longer I had to suffer through (this happened quite often in my early years of taking yoga). I've also had classes where I was desperate to FIND a clock (to properly feed my impatience) to no avail. So how can you manage this in the moment? First, accept that yoga will bring up all your sh*t. As your mind gets quiet, as you find your breath, and as you challenge your body in new and different ways, your yoga practice becomes a tool for heightened awareness. This awareness is not always filled with glitter and gold dust. Sometimes it shows us just how scattered we've been in the rest of our lives.

Second, learn to breathe through your impatience during class (and in life).This is when the real growth and strength-building occurs. This is when you push past your previous limits and enter new territory.

Third, consider your impatience a teacher. How does this lesson apply to your life outside of the yoga studio? What is your anxious mind (or better yet, your subtle body) trying to tell you in this moment? Our yoga practice can often serve as a microcosm of our strengths and frustrations off the mat.