Accelerate Your Performance with a Personal Pit Crew

Pit Crew
Pit Crew

For all their solo glory flying around the track, even race car drivers need to pull over and refuel with a cadre of professionals at the ready. Many would say they are only as strong as their pit crew—the team of people who help refuel, make repairs, and replace the tires. The pit crew works together to ensure fast, efficient, coordinated breaks between laps.

Now that Momentum enrollment has been open for a week and a half, I can see that's what it is meant to be—a pit crew for smart, creative, driven people who are smart enough to ask for input, and generous enough to give it freely.

So far, 50 people whom I consider to be my peers in the writing, business, blogging and coaching communities have signed up to be Founding Members. I'm ecstatic at the caliber of people assembling, and delighted at the fact that we are forming a pit crew of our own that we can turn to for guidance and feedback.

This is not a group of people who are stuck. This is a group of people who are an inspiration to me, and who know the power of stopping to refuel with a pit crew periodically, despite their own bad-ass momentum-building skills when on their own.

Momentum enrollment is open for three more days, until Sunday night. This is your last chance to join as a Founding Member, and prices will never be this low again. If you're looking for your own personal pit crew, look no further—we would be thrilled to have you!

Momentum Logo
Momentum Logo

Here's what you get when you join Momentum: 

  • Each quarter in Momentum we will choose a Focus Area, a personal project of any size that feels thrilling  to work on, and our app will help you customize and track your individual goals throughout the quarter.
  • A monthly Brilliance Barter — an exchange built on the “take a penny, leave a penny” philosophy, where you can give and receive suggestions, connections and feedback.
  • Knowing that my private coaching fees are out of reach for many people, and that I am taking on only a handful of new clients this year, I have created a place on the site called Q&A with Jenny. You can ask me anything—specific business questions, writing, career change, my own experiences, the latest tools I am using—and I will answer via short audio clips that will be organized in an easily searchable library. No more wading through hour-long group Q&A calls—you submit your question, I answer personally.
  • You will have access to every course I have ever created (a value of $450) in the Course Library.
  • You can view any of my 40+ templates, including private ones that I only use with coaching clients, in the Template Library.
  • We can all  exchange our favorite tools, books and resources in the Resource Library.
  • There is a Discussion Area for ongoing collaboration on any specific, timely issues that come up.
  • You can form Private Mastermind Groups within Momentum with friends.
  • We also have a mobile app that allows you to access our platform on-the-go, ensuring this doesn’t become yet another stale subscription that you never use.

Bottom line: I am stuffing this to the gills with everything I can think of, and everything I can give. This is the only thing I will create and launch this year, and I am pouring my heart and soul into it. I hope you will do the same, and that we can build something phenomenal together!

What it Costs + Sign-up Bonuses

Private coaching with me is currently $1,500/month, and I am only taking on a handful of new clients this year while I work on the book.

With Momentum, you will get access to all my best tools, templates and resources, and the ability to ask me anything and collaborate with others, for just $1/day. That's just $30/month, billed quarterly, with a full money-back guarantee if you look around and don’t like what you see.

You will get instant access every course I have created ($450 value) and these awesome bonuses:

  • 130+ Item Momentum Launch Checklist, detailing every single step that transformed Momentum from an idea to a reality. Get an inside look at exactly how Marisol and I built Momentum over the last six months, with checklist sections for platform selection and set-up, content creation, sales materials, launch week breakdown, ongoing communications, and more.
  • Detailed overview of the 21+ tools that we used to execute the launch and build the community site. You will get a complete breakdown of what we used and how in the following categories: Workflow, Momentum Safari Course, Countdown & Sales Pages, Logo & Design, Payment, Registration, Referrals, and Community Platform.
  • A private webinar with John Corcoran on How to Cold Email Any VIP. You will learn five strategies to get your emails read and responded to by VIPs you admire. You will also learn how to go from getting your email opened to building a genuine relationship, and how to go from relationship-building to generating income. Finally, John will share 5 of his best email templates you can use to connect with the VIPs you want to meet.
  • Alexis Grant's How to Take a Career Break to Travel. A 90-page guide to help you figure out how to save enough money for your big trip, plan the logistics, and run a business from the road.

Ready for your next adventure? Learn more and enroll here!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I believe in Momentum and its power to inspire and empower you in every area of your work. But everyone is allowed a change of heart, and I only want to work with people who are thrilled to be working with me!

If within the first month you look around and complete our short list of “getting started” orientation steps but decide Momentum is not what you need, we will give you a full refund—no questions asked. You can keep access to the bonuses and any of the courses you sign-up for in that time.

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