As Above, So Below — You're a Star, Don't You Know?

Momentum Script

Momentum Script

It’s here, it’s here! Doors are open on the private Momentum Community that I’ve been telling you about, and I would love for you to be a Founding Member!

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Private coaching with me is currently $1,500/month, and I am only taking on a handful of new clients this year while I work on the book. With Momentum, you will get access to all my best tools, templates and resources, and the ability to ask me anything and collaborate with others, for just $1/day.

That’s $30/month . . . but if you sign-up this week as a Founding Member, it’s just $25/month, billed quarterly, with a full money-back guarantee if you look around and don’t like what you see.

You will get instant access every course I have created ($450 value) and these awesome bonuses:

  • 130+ Item Momentum Launch Checklist, detailing every single step that transformed Momentum from an idea to a reality. Get an inside look at exactly how Marisol and I built Momentum over the last six months, with checklist sections for platform selection and set-up, content creation, sales materials, launch week breakdown, ongoing communications, and more.
  • Detailed overview of the 21+ tools that we used to execute the launch and build the community site. You will get a complete breakdown of what we used and how in the following categories: Workflow, Momentum Safari Course, Countdown & Sales Pages, Logo & Design, Payment, Registration, Referrals, and Community Platform.
  • A private webinar with John Corcoran on How to Cold Email Any VIP. You will learn five strategies to get your emails read and responded to by VIPs you admire. You will also learn how to go from getting your email opened to building a genuine relationship, and how to go from relationship-building to generating income. Finally, John will share 5 of his best email templates you can use to connect with the VIPs you want to meet.
  • Alexis Grant's How to Take a Career Break to Travel. A 90-page guide to help you figure out how to save enough money for your big trip, plan the logistics, and run a business from the road.

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P.S. To celebrate the launch, I also wrote and recorded a short three-minute story for you . . . :)

A Momentum Story

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Joey sat at the bottom of a valley bored and restless.

He could not understand why the days felt so senseless.

Why won’t anything exciting ever happen to me? How did Newton get his apple to fall from the tree?

Suddenly he noticed a broken carriage discarded nearby; at the foot of a mountain its owner failed to climb.

He could sense that a rollicking adventure was hailing, though he doubted his abilities and greatly feared failing.

But just what if he could? Up he nervously stood.

Something whispered this challenge was chosen for him. So tackle it he would, with vigor and vim.

He suspected greatness lay just on the other side of the hill, if only he could figure out how to stop standing still.

So Joey pushed the carriage up with all his might; but back and back it rolled in terrible fight. Why can’t this damn thing just take flight?!

Joey collapsed to the ground, nearly defeated by can’t when he heard the faint whisper of a nearby ant:

The ant said, Look how tiny I am! No one builds a bridge with just one man. Ask for all the help that you possibly can.

So Joey closed his eyes and offered his palms, Finally willing to receive without any qualms.

Unsure of what this action would make, he surrendered and said, I'll do whatever it takes.

Lo and behold up slithered a pair of snakes; “It’s rope you need to fix the breaks.”

But who shall pull me? Joey asked. Up walked a donkey who was thrilled for the task.

Growing ever more hopeful he wondered, But where shall I sit? Up waddled a beaver with a wooden board chewed to fit.

But how will we possibly gather the speed? On the hill behind you! Said the tumbled-in-weed.

Suddenly Joey’s confidence swelled. Thanks to his new friends he knew all would be well. He believed in the magic this new journey now held.

But what will I do on the other side? Weather the storms with adventurous pride! His new chorus cheerfully replied.

So Joey packed up his things, though a bit crazy it all still seemed.

Turns out it was not a delusion merely conjured in his head, Once he got going, things happened just as the animals said . . .

With the carriage restored, And the donkey on board; With rope in his hands, and a seat to withstand, They climbed the smaller hill and descended with thrill! After passing through the valley with increasing speed they now made their ascent with wind-blown glee. Up, up, up they climbed! And successfully so. Not at all feeling spent, for eternity they could go.

Momentum! Joey cried, victorious from the peak, Until the glorious view rendered him unable to speak.

Finally the gods of wonder and play Had returned to his days and were eager to stay.

It was exactly then that Joey vowed right aloud To a curiously dragon-shaped cumulus cloud:

No twist nor turn Not rain or burn No mud, sleet or snow Or future unknown No stings from a hive Or any deprive Could take away the rapture of being alive.

A thunderous cry and a bolt lit the sky!

As if to agree with his newfound decree.

Destiny appeared and struck any more reasons to fear as she said, Freedom my friend! That is freedom you hear.

The brightly lit Cosmos then put on a show; Vast in 18 billion years of all-seeing glow. 'As above so below,' You're a star, don't you know?

Somehow it felt like this was always the plan, And that is how Joey’s next adventure began . . .

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I look forward to seeing you inside!