Live Your Legend — For Scott


This is a blog, therefore I am supposed to post with words, and yet I have so few that feel adequate. 

The blogosphere—the world—lost a great man this weekend. Our good friend Scott Dinsmore, founder of Live Your Legend, passed away while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Read Leo Babauta's beautiful tribute here.

I have known Scott for many years, and most recently interviewed him for Speak Like a Pro about his TEDx Talk that went viral—inspiring over a million people to reinvent their careers and lives. He was the only person to stand for his entire interview, bounding and gesticulating with the zestful enthusiasm that made him such a warm, loving, charismatic and passionate friend, leader and colleague.

Many of us "solopreneurs" work alone—hence, solo—and yet, we are connected to each other for emotional, tactical, and ongoing support across the country and across continents. We have catch-up calls over Skype. We make connections for each other over email. We cross paths and cheer each other on at conferences. Scott has been a bright, shining light for me personally in so many of these ways, as he was for countless others.

It is moments like these that spotlight how precious life is, how profound, and how unpredictable. My brain can still hardly wrap around it, but alas, this is not about me. This is about honoring a wonderful man who left us too soon.

To Scott's loved ones, I am sending my deepest condolences. You are in my prayers.

Scott, you lived your legend every day, and we are better for it. Thank you. You are with us in spirit, my friend. You and your legacy live on in our hearts and minds.