Behind the Business: Hot Off the JB Pivot Press

In contrast to the playful "school's out" mode I normally enter at the start of summer, the month of June has been absolutely bananas for me, but in best way possible! As I shared in my last post, I went through a long Winter emotionally and in business last year, where I seriously doubted my direction, wondered if I was delusional to keep working for myself, and felt frustrated by my inability to see through the fog toward what might be next.

But alas, just as crops start growing again in Spring and Summer, so has my business! The seeds I planted last year are now sprouting like crazy, and though I have shared some of this news across various places, I haven't yet given the full behind-the-business run-down on the blog. So here goes!

Proposal for Book #2: The Human Pivot (working title)

My agent gave The Human Pivot proposal a green light! Read more about this in my Behind the Business newsletter—I'm revising it as we speak so that we can submit to publishers in July (with a big push after Labor Day). Start sending good juju for publishers to fight over who gets the rights to it! Next up: writing the sample chapter (that I submit with the proposal)—a harder task than it may sound because it means conceptualizing the whole book and chapter outline first.

I also recently talked about pivoting with Charlie Poznek of Boomer Business Owner on a podcast called Learn How to Pivot Strategically as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur (embedded below). For those who prefer reading, download PDF of the Transcript.

Business Strategist Pivot: SpringUps Director of Operations

SpringUps TeamAlthough I still have a small set of 1:1 clients, I've pivoted from my usual business strategy coaching to take a hands-on consulting role as Director of Operations with SpringUps, an urban farming start-up in Red Hook, Brooklyn. It's a part-time role (~10 hours per week) that kicked off in June; I'm handling all of our internal systems and organization (weee!), brand strategy and website, communications, and community.

From the moment I met the co-founders John & Christian earlier this year, I was blown away by their vision, crazy smarts, and work ethic. And I couldn't help but chime in with my two cents over casual conversation! I love their big plans to revolutionize year-round local pesticide-free produce in New York City, and am honored and very excited to now be officially on board as the other third of the SpringUps brain!

After all these years of doing business coaching 1:1, I'm having so much fun digging in and getting my hands dirty again (farming pun intended!) as we build a big business like this from the ground up. Christian and John were formerly coffee and cotton traders in the open outcry pits on Wall Street, so we're all loving the big learning curve of pivoting to a new industry and making a positive impact on the broader community.

Where to learn more and stay in touch:

Lucent Meditation App—Coming to an iPhone Near You!

Lucent_DiagramLucent, the meditation app company I co-founded, officially launches next week! We've been working on the app for 9 months now, and I have to say it's worth the wait—it is gorgeous! And fun — it makes a 5-minute morning meditation sticky and social, even if you have zero experience with meditation.

Although there is currently an app in the iTunes store, it's got some critical bugs that we fixed at the eleventh hour—the new version will be ready early next week. It's also a good time to let you know that this is a beta version—we initially planned on testing our "Minimum Viable Product" (MVP in Silicon Valley parlance) with a small group of friends and family, but that group has grown to 350+ people! We're grateful for the support and patience as we build from something very simple to start, then evolve with early users' feedback to make the app more sophisticated over time.

Where to learn more and stay in touch:

Like a Lotus that Grows from Mud

As you can tell, it's been a crazy-full month, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel so alive, engaged and in-the-zone—all the dark days were absolutely worth it. I know that I am happiest when I am working on big projects that matter, and it's a huge relief just to feel like myself again.

I shared recently with a friend that I really do think the darkness "deposits" many gifts that aren't always clear in the moment, but that absolutely come to fruition later when things turn from winter to spring again. Our inner ground gets re-fertilized for so many new perspectives and experiences to blossom.

Just as lotus flowers grow from mud, so do our biggest opportunities for growth and evolution. Although I often felt all-consumed by quiet, darkness and sadness last year, it was also a time that was incredibly rich, deep, and illuminating in its own right.

I am deeply grateful to work on exciting projects with brilliant teams, and to have the incredible support of a community like all of you who are here reading. Juggling all of this would also not be possible without the invaluable help of my right-hand woman Marisol Dahl, my new Communications Director for all things JBE, LAC, SpringUps and Lucent. She has quickly become the other half of MY brain, and if you can believe it—is just going in to her senior year at Yale!

JB Desk Reminder

I've said it before and I will say it again: I would not be here today without you.

I have a reminder by my desk that says, "Doing this work every day is the privilege of a lifetime. Breathe, be calm, savor, enjoy, celebrate."

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to YOU: for keeping me going, and for being the reason that I do all the work that I do.

With love,