[Video] Exciting Announcements!

My palms are sweating to actually set a date . . . no, not for a wedding . . . for my first MAJOR online move in over seven years since I started Life After College. Yes folks, that makes me a grandma in blogworld — matched only by the fact that I've been going to bed around 9:30 p.m. in order to wake up for my ninja productivity hours at sunrise-ish. :) Watch this 2-minute video for some exciting announcements about JennyBlake.me, and a Save the Date for a don't miss joint launch party in July in NYC with Paul Angone!

The Least You Need to Know:

Don't have the patience to watch the video? No problem, I got you:

  • JennyBlake.me officially launches on June 11 (squeee!) — sign-up for my behind-the-business updates to get the all-access backstage pass as I run the last few miles of this creative marathon. Stay tuned also for an epic accompanying website launch checklist template, and an overview of the entire process that I followed with Adam, Nina and Alex to get this baby ready for showtime.
  • Save the Date! And get your booty to NYC on July 1. Paul and I are doing a joint launch party on Monday, July 1 at Wix Lounge in NYC to celebrate my blog and the launch of his forthcoming book, 101 Secrets for Your Twenties. I hope to see you there!
  • We're now in the third week of my Build Your Business mastermind program, and it's been an absolute blast! I just about fell over when one of the participants said after the first call that it was already worth more than a $3,000 course she had recently signed up for. Wowza....blown away! Keep an eye out for the next program that will kick-off in August . . . AND a super exciting on-demand release of Make Sh*t Happen that you can complete at your own pace. More details on both to follow in the next few weeks . . .

This post originally appeared on Life After College. I have imported selected posts from 2013 to catch new readers up to speed. Is that you? If so, a) awesome! And b) check out the new here guided tour. For long-time readers, nothing new in this one!