Weekend Coffee Talk: Mind, Body, Business & Books (#9)

Hello friends! I'm writing to you on Sunday afternoon after a great birthday week — thanks to all who sent notes and well wishes! I couldn't have asked for a better week of friends and connection. Today's round-up is a short one, but hey — maybe that's a relief :)


"21. You no longer roll your eyes with an angsty sigh when people try to force their scripts on you like you did in your 20′s. You smile politely, thank them for their input, turn and walk away."

"22. You actually enjoy conversation and pillow talk. Mornings aren’t always about trying to hooker-crawl your way out the door." HAH!

—Elisa Doucette, 30 Ways To Approach Your 30′s



  • No more awkward small talk! I've only been using it for two days, but I'm already intrigued by the Refresh app, which links with all of your social media profiles to push "briefs" to your phone about the person you are about to meet with. A bit creepy? Maybe, but I like to think of it as another way to outsource my brain! Particularly since I don't often proactively keep up with my social media accounts (nor do I have a great memory for them)
  • Smooth Operator: a great WSJ interview with Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx on how she went from selling fax machines to building a business empire. And no, I didn't just pick this article because she has a cool last name.
  • Fascinating article in The New York Times Magazine on the early days of Twitter: All is Fair in Love and Twitter - "The birth of a hot company is rarely peaceful."
  • Speaking of Twitter, what does your bio actually say about you? If you take a stab at writing one, here's a spooftastic take on 15 Tips for Writing the Coolest and Most Impressive Twitter bio:

"1. You can’t just like stuff. You have to take your interests to an unhealthy extreme by identifying yourself as an “addict” or “junkie” of those things." JB Note: ACK! Guilty of this one...

6. You can add “-ista” to the end of literally any word to make yourself sound approximately 47 times more stylish and savvy. (ex.Digitalista or Barista or Unemployista)

7. A great way to sound really smart and cool is to combine a vague/abstract word like “Idea” with an impressive or scientific-sounding title or profession. (ex. Idea Architect or Solution Ecologist)

15. Even if you’re worth negative-$30,000 and running your entire ‘start-up business’ out of a Wi-Fi-enabled Denny’s booth, you should always list yourself as an "Entrepreneur."

—Alex Blagg, 15 Tips for Writing the Coolest and Most Impressive Twitter bio


"Dilbert started out as just one of many get-rich schemes I was willing to try. When it started to look as if it might be a success, my passion for cartooning increased because I realized it could be my golden ticket. In hindsight, it looks as if the projects that I was most passionate about were also the ones that worked. But objectively, my passion level moved with my success. Success caused passion more than passion caused success.

So forget about passion. And while you're at it, forget about goals, too."

—Scott Adams, How to Be Successful

Just for Fun

I finally made it to Trapeze Class! Here's a video of the first "catch" — which amazingly, happens on just the fourth round of flying. It was an awesome experience, and one I highly recommend if you ever find yourself in New York City.

Although it might look scary (the first round was full of heart-thumping adrenaline), it's actually based much more on momentum and cues from the instructor than strength or skill. Check out The Trapeze School's website for more info!

[youtube id="66qka_ibVKM"]

Here's a video of round #3, when we learned the back-flip dismount:

[youtube id="xf_gQ4aDokw"]

That's it for now . . . have an amazing week ahead!