Weekend Coffee Talk: Mind, Body, Books & Business (#6)

Things are moving and shaking at JBE headquarters! In recent months I've felt a bit like hawk with eyes peeled circling for creative food . . . particularly on what my Next Big Idea might be for Book #2. After months of scanning, searching and reflecting, and stepping back to find space for added perspective, I'm thrilled to say that I'm honing in on something big and exciting. It's still in the very preliminary "eggshell" phase (my term for a nascent idea vulnerable to cracks), but I'm really excited about it and now plugging away at a super rough draft of the book proposal.

If you want to be part of the Inside Scoop as I reveal more about the behind-the-scenes process of trying to get a book deal (just as I did in 2010 with Life After Collegearchives here), make sure you sign-up for my bi-weekly(ish) behind-the-business updates, since that's where I'll be sharing the nitty-gritty nuts and bolts (and ups and downs).

Now, onward to our Weekend Coffee Talk!



[youtube id="hmqguIFMC-Y"]


"It's easy for shoe wearers to conclude that shoeless people have a problem. But one person's problem is simply another's status quo. Don't make that mistake. Find and feed their hungers instead. Great brands don't fulfill needs or solve problems. Great brands enhance lives." —Tom Asacker


Just for Fun

Did you catch the video of the girl who caught on fire while twerking? Turns out it was just another viral prank by Jimmy Kimmel. Here's a hilarious round-up of his 7 most popular viral videos.

After a recent (terrible!) decision to fall into a depressing, creativity-sabotaging rabbit hole of re-reading my one-star Amazon reviews (though ultimately I know they won't kill me), Jimmy Kimmel's video of Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets gave me a much-needed chuckle:

[youtube id="Hcmz74AaXHs"]


I also appreciated James Altucher and Ramit Sethi's Hate Mail Readings — priceless! And a great ladder out of the Troll Rabbit-Hole :)

[youtube id="D743aYOHy-M"]

That's it for now . . . have an amazing weekend, everyone!