June Coffee Talk: Mind, Body, Business, Books & BBQ (#40)

Happy Summer, my friends! I’m heading off the grid for a long-time bucket list item next week: a two-week Safari with my mom in Tanzania next week. But I won’t leave you hanging! Monkey pun intended. I have a three-week virtual Momentum safari and podcast series for you all scheduled and ready to go, with a different animal avatar each day. Summer brings BBQs and you know what that means! Time to brush up on your interesting cawfee tawk tidbits! Thank you me when you sound smart with your friends by saying, “I read recently in the New York Times that {fill in article below}.”

PIVOT Podcast: In Case You Missed It

I almost fainted when today’s guest—Kevin Kelly, co-founder of WIRED—said yes to be on the Pivot Podcast. Kind, brilliant and the king of techno-literacy, Kevin is one of the great technologists, futurists, and thinkers of our time. We talk about how to get better at systems thinking, become more techno-literate in an ever-changing environment that fosters a constant “newbie state,” artificial intelligence, centaurs and robot whispering, virtual and augmented reality, why now is the best possible time to start a company, and much more.

Side note: If you enjoy this episode please share it with a friend or two! I am a huge Kevin Kelly fan and would love to see this episode spread its wings and fly across the listener-o-sphere :) 

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“I want to be happy. I want to kiss more. So every day I take these two steps:

A) Reality: Do whatever I can to increase the positive aspects of my reality using four elements of the day practice described above.

B) Expectations: List the areas I am disappointed. If I’m disappointed, reduce expectations to match reality and find ways to be grateful until you can slowly change the reality.

Happiness = Reality / Expectations.

But more importantly: If you see me in the street, kiss me.”


“For many of us, the most pressing question about exercise is: How little can I get away with? The answer, according to a sophisticated new study of interval training, may be very, very little. In this new experiment, in fact, 60 seconds of strenuous exertion proved to be as successful at improving health and fitness as three-quarters of an hour of moderate exercise.

Let me repeat that finding: One minute of arduous exercise was comparable in its physiological effects to 45 minutes of gentler sweating.”

—Gretchen Reynolds, 1 Minute of All-Out Exercise May Equal 45 Minutes of Moderate Exertion


“Just because Zucks put on a hoodie and became a billionaire doesn’t mean everyone else can. Sure, if you’ve got the chops, there’s no question that this day and age has provided us the tools to build something both quickly and cost-effectively. But, that doesn’t mean everybody should do it. It’s funny to me how quickly people can realize that they’re not a Kobe or Beyonce, but for some reason, they’re able to convince themselves they’re an entrepreneur and can build a million-dollar business.

And, to even be “successful” you don’t need the “millions.” Because when you really look at the numbers, on average, an income of $155,000 a year puts you in the top 10% of all income earners in the U.S.

And so, for those of you looking to start your own venture, you need to start by asking yourself, “Why am I even going down this route in the first place?” The answer is happiness, because that’s the truth. Would you rather make $70K running your own thing, dictating your own income, happy as hell, or make $100K at a job you hate?

And so, all I’m asking here is that we reframe the conversation. Because, the only way for any of this to work is for you to start with your north star and reverse engineer from theregiven the context of who you are and what you want out of this one shot we’ve all got.”

—Gary Vaynerchuk Reframes the Narrative on Entrepreneurship


Just for Fun

  • Muhahahaha, love me some John Oliver!! Todd Talks—”Where the format of TED talks meets the intellectual rigor of morning news shows.”

That’s it for now . . . have an amazing start to summer, everyone!