January Coffee Talk: Mind, Body, Business & Books (#36)

Happy New Year! Yes, I'm going to keep saying that for the rest of the month :) If you haven't already, kick things off by listening to my podcast interview with James Altucher, one of my personal heroes, on How to Reinvent Yourself in 2016. On my mind this quarter: finishing up the final rounds of the book—which includes copy editing, page layout approval, cover and subtitle—and continuing to grow the Pivot Podcast. I'm also the speaker coach for TEDxBushwick this year, and have been blown away by the audition rounds so far! If you are in the New York area on March 26, request an invite here to join us.

Get Yo' Momentum Mojo in 2016

My other major love: I'm super excited about the Momentum workshop line-up this quarter, and would love for you to join us! If you are looking for accountability, feedback and community for your biggest creative projects this year, look no further. Enrollment is just $97 per quarter, and we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you look around and decide it's not a fit. Here are the upcoming workshops:

  • Multiple Streams of Solopreneur Income
  • How to Get on a TV Producer's Must-Book List and Stay There (with guest Paula Rizzo, a producer at Fox and author of Listful Thinking)
  • How to Take a Podcast Pro

If you want a sneak peek, I invite you to join us for Multiple Streams of Solopreneur Income, the first workshop of the year, on Thursday, January 14. I will share:

  • The biggest wins and lessons learned across various streams of income (including courses, coaching, speaking, affiliate programs, and book royalties)
  • The exact percentage breakdown of my earnings across each category these last 5 years
  • I'll also answer anything that's on your mind about side hustles and solopreneurship

Momentum enrollment officially re-opens on Friday, January 15. If you enroll by Sunday, January 17 I'm also throwing in a bonus 45-minute interview by my good friend Dorie Clark on how I built my coaching and speaking business, how I decide what to price services, the biggest business model mistake I made and how I corrected it.

Sign-up for the early notification list for Momentum here, and I hope to see you Thursday!

Your Two Cents: What Can I Create for You in 2016?

If you have a quick minute, I would love for you to fill out this super-short two-question survey, so I can make JennyBlake.me, the Pivot Podcast, and my twice monthly newsletters better than ever in 2016! I value your feedback immensely and want to make sure I'm delivering content you love. 


“Mark, what is UP with you? How do you do this? It’s hard being a barista, a friend of mine quit after three days. You’ve done it for years.”

He laughed. “Four years ago I figured it out. You can control almost NOTHING but your reaction. Almost nothing. So I decided to become a master of reaction. Then each day is a way to practice more. The craziest people give you the biggest workout.”

—Tosha Silver, The Exalted Barista Inside You


Philip Galanes (Interviewer): You two are on the front line of new women on TV: leading characters with terrible flaws.

Viola Davis: Who doesn’t have a flaw? If they were men, we’d just call them interesting human beings. You know what I’m saying? Being likable is way overrated. If that’s your main goal in creating a character, you’re just building a Mr. Potato Head. Who’s going to be interested in that?

Edie Falco: I’d rather be interesting than likable.

VD: Any day.

Viola Davis and Edie Falco Talk Race, Sex and Life Before Stardom


In conference calls, no one knows you’re in the downward-dog position. One 52-year-old financial consultant in Manhattan said she spent the time during conference calls working her way through her daily yoga regimen. Like several other people interviewed for this article, she did not want her name used. “The image of my butt in the air isn’t exactly what I want to put out there as my professional persona,” she said.

The Modern Meeting: Call In, Turn Off, Tune Out


Just for Fun

A few other reads I enjoyed recently from my Sunday New York Times (yes, the inky paper version!):

Happy Coffee Tawking Everyone!

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