November Coffee Talk: Mind, Body, Business & Books (#35)

Happy November! It's not too late to join the NaNoBlogMo: Project Edition tracker—the goal is to rack up 50 hours on one of the projects you're excited about by the end of the month, but I say something is better than nothing! Aim for 15 if that works better for you; that's just one hour per day from now until the end of the month! After 13 months post book-deal, I'm on the FINAL EDITORIAL ROUND (yes, that's right!) of revising the Pivot manuscript and I have been shocked at how much progress over the last year has come from committing to just one hour per day. On many average (non work-a-thon) days that's all I can manage. In similar fashion, that is exactly how I chipped away at my 50+ item to-do list for my NaNoBlogMo goal: taking the Pivot podcast pro.

Pivot Podcast is in iTunes!

In case you missed the news earlier this week, the Pivot Podcast is now in iTunes!!! And several other directories (full list here, along with show notes). Clare Herbert sums it up best:

A recap of what's next:

1. Record a question for me to answer on a future show. Send a voice note to sayhi [at] through Vocaroo.

2. Pop over to iTunes to listen to the first 10 episodes! I cover how I work with my virtual assistant, the book proposal process, how I organize and make time for writing, personal cyber security, how to push through the dip, bouncing back from zero financially, how to find your zone of genius, the upside of being invisible, business systems, and a whole lot more.

3. The first 8 weeks are when iTunes will judge if a podcast is New and Noteworthy. If you have gotten value out of any of the episodes I have recorded in the last year (pardon my cheap mic on early shows!) I would be so grateful for you to rate and/or review the show. Here's how to leave a rating from your phone. Thank you in advance!! Would love to bring new listeners into the mix.

4. Book recommendations: Are you looking for a non-fiction book rec to address a particular life/business question or challenge? If so, let me know in the comments and I'll answer on a future show!

If you want shortcuts for the podcast set-up process and access my 50+ item to-do list (as well as my collection of tips from others) I encourage you to join us in Momentum, where I'll be leading a call soon to share everything I've learned. Now, onward to our November Turkey Talk!


“Some of analysis paralysis is us trying to comfort ourselves when we have a decision to make,” said Blake. “The thinking is, The more I learn, the more I research, the more I debate each side, the more clear I’m going to be. But all of that research and thinking and analysis hits the point of diminishing returns.”

To break through that decision-making plateau, Blake said the best solution is to give yourself a hard deadline and go with your gut. “When I say to clients, ‘What does your gut say?,’ they always, always know the answer.”

“Listening to your gut is like building a muscle. The more you listen to it and go to it to make decisions, the more information you’re going to get,” said Blake. By frequently listening to your gut when you need to make a decision, you’ll get clearer answers that you can just go with. You won’t need to be the referee of the debate going on in your head, when you try to intellectually parse out decisions.

"his is where we can become the observer in our life. We can really put ourselves in the role of data scientist.” Blake created a 30-Day Decision Tracker to help people gain clarity around important decisions by isolating how they feel about the issue each day.

—Yours truly in How to Get the 35,000 Decisions You Make Everyday to Feel Easier and Faced with a Tough Decision? Collect Data to Help You Make the Right Choice



Just for Fun

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That's it for now . . . Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the states — I am grateful for you every day!