September Coffee Talk: Mind, Body, Business & Books (#33)

Hello friends, happy end-of-summer supermoon Jenny Scissorhands here—my task this week is cutting 5,000 more words from the PIVOT manuscript to get it under 70,000 words, which would clock in the final hardcover at under 300 pages. Too many pages and the book becomes more expensive and a bit more intimidating. Alas, time to "kill my darlings" as they say in publishing!

August marks our final rounds of editorial edits, then in September the manuscript will go to the copywriting team. The manuscript is now looking like it will be finito by end of October! It has been a lot of work, but in the best way—I am really proud of how the content is shaping up, and I can wait for you to see it!! Seven months until it hits shelves—you know, right around the corner. ;)


September will be a big launch month at JBE: I am re-opening doors to Momentum—a private community for solopreneurs and side-hustlers—one more time this year, and I will be doing a live 5-day Systems Ninja course via Google Hangout in parallel.

The Systems Ninja 101 Course will be free if you sign-up for Momentum ($97/quarter for access to all my courses and private office hours calls with me), $129 if you just want to take it a la carte and sign-up in the next two weeks (before September 4), and $179 after that.

I look forward to seeing you at one or both! Now, onto the digital digest for this month's cawfee-tawking . . . boring chit chat at Labor Day barbecues be gone!


"Perhaps social wasps make up for these smaller "higher thinking" areas by working together and sharing brainpower, the researchers said. They call the new finding the "distributed cognition hypothesis," which assumes that group members can rely on social communication, instead of individual cognition, to survive."


"A new study finds that even gentle lunchtime strolls can perceptibly — and immediately — buoy people’s moods and ability to handle stress at work. On the afternoons after a lunchtime stroll, walkers said they felt considerably more enthusiastic, less tense, and generally more relaxed and able to cope than on afternoons when they hadn’t walked and even compared with their own moods from a morning before a walk."


"When you hear people talk about Slack they often say it’s “fun”. Using it doesn’t feel like work. It feels like slacking off, even when you’re using it to get stuff done. But when you look under the hood, it’s almost identical to every other chat app. You can create a room, add people, share files, and chat as a group or direct message one another. So, what makes Slack different? Three key things: It looks different, if feels different, and it sounds different."


Just for Fun

Can I get a collective AWWWWW?! Check out this gif on cute puppies swimming for the first time.

That's it for now . . . have an amazing weekend, everyone!