October Coffee Talk: Mind, Body, Business & Books (#27)

Pardon my radio silence! I've been meeting with publishers for Book #2 and will have some very exciting news that I can share next week . . . so stick around! In the meantime, let's get you all squared away with cawfee-tawk tidbits for the month of October.


"We forget to dream. We are so busy trying to create, manage, and respond to our current reality, that dreaming falls off the to-do list.

Stuck? Dream. Overwhelmed? Dream. Scared? Dream. Waiting for permission to go after what you want? Dream. Fantasize about immediate, satiating relief. Envision the impossible happening sooner than later. See yourself telling people how it all positively blew your mind. Imagine the best case scenario and take it ten steps further so that the universe really gets the signal."

Danielle LaPorte



1. Am I excited to dive into the challenges that I have lined up for the week? 2. Am I looking forward to engaging with the people I am meeting or working with? 3. Am I going to my dream job? 4. Am I being compensated fairly for the value I bring to my job? 5. Do I feel energized, rested, and confident?

Laura Garnett

On Freelancing

On Networking

"A survey of hiring managers and human resource professionals revealed that employers associate personality attributes with the colors candidates wear to job interviews. For example:

  • Black conveys leadership.
  • Red was a color of power.
  • Blue gives the impression that the person is a team player.
  • Gray reads as logical and analytical.
  • White gives the feeling of being organized.
  • Green, yellow, orange and purple are associated with creativity."

Startup Central:

"Welcome to Silicon Valley, where employees are not just employees—they’re rock stars. This is the land of luxurious perks (think massages, onsite haircuts, and free food) and high starting salaries. It’s also a place where entrepreneurial dreams take flight—there’s always the potential, however slim the odds, of getting rich quick by working for a startup with a successful “exit.” And it’s not just the money and benefits that attract the rock stars. Out here young people feel they can make an impact—a.k.a. change the way the world shops, banks, gets around, and accesses health care—one algorithm at a time, which many young people value more than job security. As venture capitalist Marc Andreessen recently wrote in his blog, 'Silicon Valley isn’t just a place—it’s a state of mind.'"


Just for Fun

That's it for now . . . more from me on the publishing front coming soon!