Tuesday Tea & Crumpets: What I'm Watching, Reading & Working On

HI! I am slapping myself on the wrist for being a delinquent blogger again . . . not that any of you noticed, but I fell off my posting schedule here due to a combination of Spring weather hooky (wanting to play outside!), getting completely and indulgently lost in a few new books, and giving a keynote speech in CA followed by a career workshop at MIT. My day trip to Cambridge was so much fun — I always love the adventure of traveling somewhere for a speaking gig, and I've never seen more robots in 24 hours! It was an honor to be asked to speak at MIT, and I feel smarter just for having spent the night on campus :) Thank you to Margaret Guo and the SWE team for having me!

Rather than a full-on Weekend Coffee Talk, in today's post I bring you a Tuesday Tea & Crumpets* round-up of what's been keeping me totally distracted from blogging.

*Yes, I am now almost 3 months in to my coffee and sugar Kick the Crutch. I miss it dearly (coffee and sugar are delicious crack nectar of the Gods!), but I do feel more even-keel.


The biggest news of all . . . it's been a little over three years since Life After College came out, and now that I've completely forgotten how traumatic writing and launching a book can be, I'm jumping back into the saddle to submit a proposal for my second book. Read more about it in last week's newsletter Chaos is a Doorway, and follow along with the crazy roller-coaster process by signing up for my bi-weekly behind-the-business updates.

On the Life After College blog, I recently shared Why I hate the question, “Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?”


My brother and I have a great little cross-country book club going (he lives in Southern CA) and I have him to thank for these two totally engrossing book recommendations! My Goodreads reviews are below.

The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System

FASCINATING. Stretched my brain in a thousand different ways given that I don't normally read about the economy (particularly in this much detail) but it provided tremendous insight into the state of global currencies and what current political, economic, and private interests are at play. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it was a total page-turner! Highly recommend it. 

10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works--A True Story

From a GMA news anchor who had a panic attack on live television (due to self-medicating his anxiety with cocaine and ecstasy) and then went on to explore his own neurosis through hilarious narrative and interviews with various gurus and experts. He reluctantly settles on meditation which he says will make a person about 10% happier -- even though it sounded "repellant" and "the distillation of everything that sucked hardest about the granola lifestyle" at first.

Above all, his writing style is totally hilarious and self-depreciating...though he isn't afraid to throw shade at others who make him skeptical, which is quite fun. Definitely inspired me to write with more humor and honesty! Loved it from start to finish and gobbled it up in two days flat :)

I was fortunate to meet Dan last night at a book signing that I crashed without a ticket, and got to ask if it was a difficult decision for him to disclose his years drug use (given that he is still a prominent anchor at ABC). His answer was awesome:

"Very much so — my mom sent me a heart-breaking letter weeks before the launch and begged me to pull the book. But ABC and Diane Sawyer rallied and said they would support me. I've found that people just want you to tell the truth. We all make mistakes . . . they don't care about this asshole (referring to himself) — they just want to know how what I've learned can be useful for them."

Here's a great 4-minute video overview about the book: [youtube id="_qo4uPxhUzU"]


Speaking of non-granola meditation, if any of you consider yourselves "meditation curious" sign-up for the Lucent app pilot — coming soon to an iPhone near you! Lucent is a meditation app I'm developing with two partners that will help clear your mental fog with a simple five-minute morning ritual.

We are aiming to release the very first version at the end of this month . . . nervewracking, but in the best possible way! I feel like I'm getting a crash-course MBA in app-building which is a lot of fun.

Progress report on another big, scary hairy goal: I signed-up for an 8-week improv course in NYC starting at the end of this month that, terrifyingly, has a live show at the end that I am required to invite people to. GULP. Holding myself accountable after sharing my intention to do this in last month's post, The Currency of New Habits and Skills.


This 7-minute talk from Elizabeth Gilbert got a standing ovation from my Ikea desk chair — thank you Clare for sharing it! On success, failure and the drive to keep creating:

[youtube id="_waBFUg_oT8"]


I talk about "courage cookies" and entrepreneurship with Jared and Megan on their awesome punchy 22-minute Starve the Doubts podcast. Most fun I've had on a podcast interview in recent memory! Click over to read the full digest of takeaways, or listen to the embedded clip below:

Okay . . . that's it for now! Have a wonderful rest of your week everyone :)