Weekend Coffee Talk: Mind, Body, Business & Books (#21)

Happy Easter and belated Passover to those of you who celebrate either of these holidays! I'm off to attend Alexandra Franzen'sWrite Yourself in Motion workshop in Brooklyn this weekend—last year's workshop was turbo-productive (helped me write tons of copy as I prepared to launch this site), so I'm really looking forward to making progress on some of my deeper writing projects. At the same time I will be living vicariously through all of you who get to go play outside!


"It's one minor event that causes an avalanche. Just put your head down, do the hardest work possible, and wait for your hard work to intersect with luck.In almost every successful story, there's luck involved. You have to stay in the game long enough to intersect with luck. And when luck happens, you'd better be prepared."

—Orny Adams


"His is a diet that treats Oreos and Coke like addictive drugs, and that emphasizes the benefits of mostly gluten-free whole foods, proteins and natural fats. Call it the Clinton Cleanse.

'It’s eat real food, walk a little bit, sleep eight hours, do a few things to relax, write a little bit in your journal, take a multivitamin,' Dr. Hyman said. 'It’s not rocket science, but it takes out foods that are very inflammatory and toxic.'"

—Dr. Mark Hyman, He Tells the Clintons How to Lose


  1. What could we do?
  2. What do we really, really, reallywant to do?
  3. What can we do?


  • Looks like I'm not alone—snail mail lives on! The NYT on The Found Art of Thank-You Notes (I go way old-school and send my thank you notes sealed with a wax seal)
  • Why Shane Parrish thinks you should read as part of your work day (I start my day by reading for an hour or two every morning for the same reasons): Hey Bossman, Reading Books IS Work

Just for Fun

Absolutely ah-dorable: 10 Reasons Why 'Dogs in Photo Booths' is the Best Idea Ever.

And this classic prank call on Motivational Reservationsfrom Seth McFarlane's Crank Yankers had me belly-laughing out loud. Big thanks to my brother for sending! Gotta poke some fun at my own profession :)

"Oh I'm sorry, I couldn't hear what you said there. I was distracted by another sound. You know what it was? It was the sound of your vast inner potential struggling to get out."

Crank Yankers

That's it for now . . . have an amazing weekend, everyone!