Weekend Coffee Talk: Mind, Body & Business Link Round-up (#1)

Staycation: Analog (via Sarah Sosiak on Flickr)My favorite time of day is early morning, when my inbox and the streets of New York are still at an uncharacteristically quiet half-asleep hum.

I make a pot of coffee, slice up an apple with my favorite almond butter (be careful, its addictive) and gather up my reading material — most days its just my third hand iPad Mini, and on weekends I start with a small stack of newspapers and magazines instead.

I love being able to share, debate and discuss crazy new studies and stories. So, in the spirit of livening up your coffee shop conversations this week, below are my favorite links from around the web at the intersection of mind, body and business — with a few extras thrown in on coffee, books and creativity.

I will post these round-ups regularly (as I accumulate enough good stuff to share) but haven't decided on an exact frequency yet. :)




For the coffee lovers:

Books & Writing:

For those of you with an upcoming launch:

Cool Services:

  • Bookish — "A book-centric, contextual and personalized experience to help readers find their next book."
  • Next Draft — "The Day's Most Fascinating News" (via Maxine at Magnifying Culture) — I just subscribed and am loving it already
  • Actionable Books — Free weekly summaries of the most popular business books
  • Fast Company: BookVibe Finds Your Next Book Recommendation On Twitter

Just for fun:

Why I like to do meet-ups as a "walk and talk" — video with the lovely Monica McCarthy: [youtube id="xxbkG96NYgQ"]