Video Interview: On Burnout, Business-Building, Big Ideas & Growing a Speaking Career

Today I’m excited to share a 35-minute video interview with Nicole and Omar of Business Republic that we filmed back in September before I moved. Even though a lot has changed since then (I am now in major Hustle and Flow mode!), we cover a wide range of topics that are close to my heart and highly relevant to what I share on this blog. Here’s a “Table of Contents” to skip ahead to sections that might interest you:

  • 2:00—On my former “burnout, crash, recover” cycle and why I care so much about prioritizing physical health, particularly as an entrepreneur
  • 6:40—On how I apply routine, experimenting and tracking to just about everything in my life
  • 9:30—Challenges of being a female entrepreneur; more broadly how to follow your own instincts in business
  • 14:00—Top 4 lessons learned from working at Google, and what I carried over into my own business
  • 18:00—On financial uncertainty and how to build “bridge” income and a sustainable business model
  • 21:10—Own your strengths! Start to follow the threads of what you love even before you know how you’ll earn money. The importance of delivering value: build connections, expertise and meaning first. Have ideas, take a stand, build an audience and be a leader, then the products can follow.
  • 22:25—How I’ve methodically built a speaking career over the last four years; how I came up with my keynote topic that has since earned me a living over the last two years; my “fake it until you make it” strategy and how to raise your rates
  • 27:10—Speaking is an “icing on the cake” result of being a leader, having innovative ideas. My process of resting to create space for planting idea seeds:

When you’re doing the heavy lifting of new ideas, there is no model for that. Innovation is scary, and it’s hard. It’s hard because no one has ever done what you’re trying to do before, and most people don’t have your vision yet.

How do you get something out of your head and into the world? It’s a humbling process: I don’t always know if an idea I have is totally cliché, stating the obvious, or if it’s actually good. Sometimes I don’t know until I just get it out.”

Without further ado, the interview!

[youtube id="5wK1MmLoK4M"]

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